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my name is Ricky Shields. I live in Glenpool, OK, but I grew up in the little town of Stroud. I studied economics at Oklahoma State. Since then I have been an adjunct professor At St Gregory’s University, other random teaching positions, but mostly have been a stay at home dad and advocate (legal, medical, and social) for my foster kids. Recently I also returned to school studying Business Mining/Data Analytics in order to help get a job in the “real world”. ”

I grew up in the church of Christ, but drifted away from Christianity and studied several different religions and philosophies. I learned about the truth of the Catholic Church while dating my future wife who was in RCIA at the time. I’ve now been married and Catholic 12 years, and have 2 kids.

Most of my free time is spent with my family. I enjoy camping, road trips, and taking my kids to theme parks. When I do get free time to myself it is usually spent at movie theater. I’m a huge movie buff that enjoys talking movies as much as watching them.

I also love talking philosophy, religion, and politics, especially with people that can have a level headed discussion. This is the primary thing missing in our culture, and what is behind most of our problems.

Lastly I am an amateur chef learning to switch my skills to a whole foods plant based diet (think vegan without the agenda). While this doesn’t sound manly in the traditional sense, you would be surprised to find out that many manly men (even guests of TCMS) have given up meat recently. If you are curious about the change shoot me a message. If you think that real men eat meat, then come at me bro. 😊

I look forward to some great discussions.

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