The Diaconate – Episode 15

The Catholic Man Show

This week on The Catholic Man Show, it’s Adam’s turn to be on vacation so David sits down with the chancery of the Tulsa Diocese, Harrison Garlick. Listen as David and Harrison talk about the diaconate and the roles a deacon plays in the Catholic Church. We are on the Lord’s Team. The winning side. So raise your glass!

Man Drink: Laphroaig
Man Gear: The Whiskey Decanter
Man Topic: The Diaconate

The Catholic Man Show is hosted by Adam Minihan and David Niles from Tulsa, OK. They provide a raw, comical, and insightful conversation about ways Catholic men should live their lives in a secular world.  The show has been called, “The Seinfeld of Catholic Radio.” Feel free to check out our website on St. Michael Catholic Radio or see our podcasts on Breadbox Media. #CheerstoJesus

About the author, Adam

Adam is the Director of Communications for the Diocese of Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma, CEO of St. Michael Catholic Radio, Co-host of TCMS, Author from Ascension Press, Husband and Father of 5 children.