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: Greetings and HELP!

Hello men, my name is John Williams (no relation to the composer and absolutely NO musical skills). I’m 29, (almost 30) and am a cradle Catholic. I’m married to an amazing woman who is also a cradle Catholic and challenges me daily in the faith. I have three kiddos (one boy, 8, and two girls, 5 and 1.5 (this doesn’t include the children we’ve conceived but the Lord decided they were too beautiful and amazing for earth)), three pretty neat dogs, and one cat….I’m not sure why I have a cat though. I work in Wyoming in the field of conflict resolution with an emphasis in highway safety, specifically commercial motor vehicle safety. I’m originally from Columbia, Missouri and moved to WY only about 3.5 years ago. I don’t have Facebook so I won’t be partaking in the joys of the Facebook group. I do enjoy whiskey very much, mostly scotch, but I’ve been trying some new american/bourbon/other than scotch whiskeys and haven’t been let down yet.

Here’s why I need HELP:

After working in public service since I’ve been married (9 years) I’m exhausted. I’m tired of working nights, holidays and weekends, and having to travel away for sometimes weeks at a time. And all of that is incredibly selfish!!!! Sure, I’m tired of all those things, but my absence due to my career choices have created all the more work for my wife. She deals with my rotating schedules and frequent absences all the while maintaining her faith and keeping our family in order. Sometimes, as you can imagine, this is truly challenging for her. To add to the stress of public service, I live in a “remote duty station” as my bosses call it. Basically, the closest town is 40 miles away, however, the town we attend mass in is further, about an hour away. We (my wife) home school(s) our children and the number of long trips to town for extracurricular activities is really weighing on her. We don’t have any family or close friends here in WY or even remotely close to us so there is no time to ourselves and no help when we’re just plain done and don’t have a shred of patience left. We also don’t have solid Catholic friendships, and the lack of fellowship with truly manly Catholic men is weighing on me. Where we live is high desert, elevation of just under 7000 feet, and in the middle of nowhere. It’s quite literally our time in the desert. OK, it sounds like I’m just complaining but I’m getting to the point here.

My wife and I have decided that my current job is hurting our family in many ways. We want to move back to MO where I can obtain a job that’ll allow me to be more present in my family’s life. I’ve prayed, discerned and begged for answers and have certainly got some….but the answers of how and when are still unknown to me. I’m looking for advice on how to remain vigilant and live in the now rather than devoting so much time thinking about the future. I’ve been told things like, “Have more faith”, “Trust His plan” and “It’ll happen in His time”. I’m totally good with all those things, but now that I’ve joined the Council of Man, I’m hoping for some manly advice to help me out in this time of waiting in the desert, (I hope it’s not for 40 years!). Perhaps an episode on not being happy where you’re at and how to handle that stress? Or just a digital manly slap in the face telling me to man up. Either way, I appreciate what the Catholic Man Show is doing. Adam and David, THANK YOU guys for being awesome and so motivating!

About the author, Adam

Adam is the Vice President St. Michael Catholic Radio in Tulsa and the co-host of The Catholic Man Show.

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