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Cheers to Jesus

: Introduction

Happy Easter everyone! I figured the Easter season is a great time to join the Council of Men. I am 24 years old and am a cradle Catholic who went to Catholic High School and College. I work in Catholic Education as a teacher and I currently live in NYC teaching 9th and 12th grade religion. In June I will be moving to Philly to start a new job as a Campus Minister at a parish school. I am hoping to put down some roots in Philly and am looking for recommendations for either a men’s group in the area or a parish with a strong young adult group/ministry. I am currently single but I feel called to marriage.

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  1. Adam M. on 04/02/2018 at 5:15 PM

    Welcome Paul!
    If you have FB make sure to friend us so we can get you into our FB group!
    Thanks for the support and cheers

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