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: Introductions

Hello Gentelmen,

As a new member I thought I should introduce myself. My name is John Fetherston (as my unoriginal username eludes to) and I am a 31 year old Catholic living in the North West of England with my wife Rosey and two children, Peter who is 3 and Mary who is 1.
I am a teacher of Religious Education/ Theology in a state run Catholic school (Corpus Christi Roman Catholic High School).

My wonderful wife came across ‘The Catholic Man Show’ Podcast a few months ago and I’ve been listening avidly on my walk to and from work. It has been a place for encouragement, advice and joy. Thanks chaps for the hard work and time you put into it.

I now, after listening, feel very strongly that I should start smoking a pipe. I feel this would help when marking books, and generally make me feel more manly. However I have no idea where to go to get one, how one smokes a pipe, and really how to get started. Advice from the council would be appreciated.

Kind regards,


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  1. Adam M. on 03/06/2018 at 5:57 PM

    Welcome John!

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