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Cheers to Jesus

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As a new council member, it is appropriate I introduce myself; I’m Auston, I live in southwest Colorado where I’m employed as a wildland firefighter. I’m generally quiet and reserved, I like a day of hard work and I relax in the mountains and/or with a book. I grew up on the family farm and am one of the fortunate/unfortunate few to have a true home town that will always pull me back. I’m still in my 20’s and haven’t discerned a vocation yet, but am excited for the possibilities.
As to my own journey, I’m a cradle Catholic but never really engaged in the Church until just after high school, when I met my best friend who introduced me to theology and philosophy, which I had never really encountered and any meaningful way before. Turns out I’m a theology nerd and I’ve been expanding my knowledge and falling deeper in love with the Lord and our faith since. I’ve recently gotten involved in the youth ministry at my parish and I have found a great joy in helping to show our teens the love of Christ and the great beauty and depth to be found in our Catholic faith.
Where ever the Lord leads me in this life, I hope to one day find myself in possession of three things: a magnificent knee length beard, a study with many filled bookshelves, and a well stocked whiskey cabinet. I have a long way to go, but I look forward to the adventure.

With my brothers I raise my glass,
Cheers to Jesus!

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