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CoM Episode – Talking with Patrick Coffin

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Man Caves, Traditions, and Conferences with Patrick Coffin – Episode 90

This week we welcome, Patrick Coffin,, to the show. If this is your first time listening to The Catholic Man Show, we do 3 things every episode: 1.) Open, review, and enjoy a man beverage – Minutes 1-12. 2.) Highlight a man gear – Minutes 12-24. 3.) Have a manly conversation – Minutes 24-48. In…

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Adam and David join Patrick on ‘The Patrick Coffin Show’

Adam and Dave join Patrick on ‘The Patrick Coffin Show’ Recently Patrick Coffin invited us to join him on his show to talk about Catholic Manhood. We had a lot of fun and wanted to share it episode with you. If you haven’t had a chance, head over to and check out all of his…

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