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Book Review: True Allegiance

Book Review: True Allegiance by Ben Shapiro

            Hello, my name is Kent, and I have a weak spot for action books. For many years my father-in-law and I have traded books back and forth that contain pages full of covert military operations, bullet dodging heroes traveling the world to halt a terrorist plot in the nick of time and/or a retired band of military brothers coming together to prevent a catastrophe on U.S. soil. Most of the adrenaline-producing novels I have read are fictional, with plots taken from news headlines and molded into stories that will lead you reading late into the night if you are not careful. With all of this said, I was a bit surprised and a little proud when my college daughter suggested I read an action book she just finished.

If you are looking for a book with plenty of plot twists including politics, military combat, and other scenarios that are similar to our daily news headlines, then you might enjoy Ben Shapiro’s book True Allegiance. The chapters are relatively short in nature and have no difficulty keeping your attention. Furthermore, the book also will make you think and reflect about where we find ourselves today in regard to not only our culture but also facing adversity with determination and an attitude of service. Personally, I don’t think this book was written for group study; however, I would be interested to sit down with others to discuss the book and gather insights.

I found the reality of this book to be the hardest to swallow. That is, not everything is neat and tidy in the end, which I suppose is more plausible. In addition, it challenges readers to ask themselves, what would you do in this situation? I did enjoy Ben Shapiro’s ability to take characters that are not fully connected at the beginning of the story and weave them into a plot that continues to emerge and melt together as the book comes to a conclusion. If you are looking for a read that will increase your heart rate and make you consider doing some extra push-ups or sit-ups, this book might be just what you are looking for this summer.

Whenever I read a story I do try to look for parallels to our spiritual lives, and usually, action books will make you think of the virtues. For me, an overarching virtue that is on center stage in this tale is fortitude. The main character is an excellent example of fortitude and exemplifies the ability to stay the course and do what is right despite popular opinion. Does he appeal to all characters in this book and does he try to please everybody? No; however, he does stay focused on the goal and the virtue of prudence in order to serve his country to the best of his ability.

All of us face challenges in life and sometimes they tend to pile up and come at us from all angles. Sometimes we find ourselves wondering if we can answer the call? Honestly, for me, I am not certain, but I know if I pray and listen that God will lead me through even though the process of getting through can be painful. Most of the action characters I have read about over the years don’t really talk about their spiritual lives, but they demonstrate a calm resolve that spurs them forward. They accept their challenge and find the grit to finish the task. Although their stories are fictional I do find them inspiring as they call to all of us to take action and stand our ground with confidence and courage.

By: Kent Keithly, Fortunate Husband, and Father



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