Do you desire indulgences?


This week we talk the desire for indulgences and how to obtain them. What is an indulgence? How to obtain one? Partial vs. Plenary Indulgences Indulgences that you can easily receive. DRINK: The Macallan Classic Cut 2022 GEAR: N/A TOPIC: Do you desire indulgences? Do you desire indulgences? Download our prayer guide we put together…

10 Uses of Mortification According to St. Francis de Sales

10 Uses for Mortification

This week we talk about a Doctor of the Church, St. Francis de Sales. In his book, The Secrets of Sanctity, he discusses 10 uses of mortification. Let’s talk about them. What is mortification? What is the purpose of mortification? How mortification helps your spiritual vision. The need for both prayer and mortification. How mortification intensifies…

Strive for Freedom: Deacon Michael Halbrook

Exodus 90 Deacon Michael Halbrook

Exodus 90 COO, Deacon Michael Halbrook, joins us to talk about why men should take their faith life seriously and how to make a blueprint for a successful Exodus 90. How Deacon Halbrook went from a successful corporate job to being the COO of Exodus 90. How to invite men to join you in Exodus…

Christmas Traditions with Dr. Michael Foley

Christmas Traditions with Dr. Michael Foley

Dr. Michael P. Foley joins Adam to talk about Christmas traditions. We discuss: What is a Christmas Carol? Origins of the Christmas tree Why do we kiss under the mistletoe? Family traditions during the 12 days of Christmas And much more! Check out his book here. Join him on pilgrimage with Select International Tours! Christmas…

Was the Incarnation Fitting?

Importance of the Incarnation

What is the importance of the incarnation? What does the incarnation say about the dignity of man? Was it fitting? We discuss this and more while sipping on a dram of Glenmorangie – A Tale of the Forest.