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What’s the difference between Franciscans and Dominicans

A look into the Franciscan and Dominican Orders                 What I imagine some do not understand about Catholicism is that there is not just one way to worship Christ as a Catholic. That may come as a surprise to the many practicing and veteran Catholics reading this but it is true. Now there definitely is…

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Friendships of the Good

3 Types of Friendship Fellowship is often hard to find these days as it almost seems many are not willing to trust one another. This, of course, is a symptom of the age but even in these uncertain days, there is usually someone willing to share a pint with you at the end of the…

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7 books for 2019

2018 was a good year for crossing off books on my “to read list”. Today after Holy Mass, I began thinking of the books I wanted to read for 2019 and decided to make a list so I could keep the momentum going. A Few Tricks: Here are a few things I did in 2018…

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Prayer of a Christian Father for his Wife

I came across this beautiful prayer and wanted to share it with you. It’s perfect to pray on the Feast of the Holy Family. O God, who, next to me, has entrusted my children to my wife, hear my prayer for her. How great is the influence which she as mother has over the children;…

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Holy Strategies for the New Year

Holy Strategies from The Catholic Man Show As we move into this new year, we must make a precedent. This is not a mere “New Year’s Resolution” but rather a strategic and decisive plan to overcome the world, the spirit of this world, and yourself by weapons given to us by Holy Mother Church as…

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