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Sam Guzman, The Catholic Gentleman, Little Kids in Mass

Talking Virtue in Bartlesville

Sam Guzman, The Catholic Gentleman, Little Kids in Mass – Episode 42

Sam joins Adam and David as we sip on a homemade brew given to us by Ken Henderson and talk about having little kids in Mass. As parents to young children, Mass can sometimes be more of a physical workout than a spiritual workout. We discuss different ways we keep our kids in Mass.

About Scotch Ale Wee Heavy’s:

Many brewers, after having brewed a variety of beer styles, eventually seem to focus their efforts toward either the hoppy or the malty side. Perhaps they enjoy drinking one type of beer more than the other or perhaps it is because they are having more success brewing one style versus another. It also seems to be true with darker versus lighter beers. Perhaps their preference can be attributed to their water source, which can favor hoppy over malty or dark over light. Malty beers certainly tend to do a little bit better with softer water.

Those that go toward the malty side eventually want to brew strong Scotch ale. It is kind of like the IPA of the malty world. Also known as wee heavy, it is a rich, malty beer. Do not confuse strong Scotch ale with the much lower alcohol Scottish strong ale. To avoid confusion, I think it is better to refer to strong Scotch ale as wee heavy. While wee heavy is related to the lower-alcohol Scottish ales, and could be considered a higher shilling version of them, wee heavy’s higher starting gravity results in a different beer.

The man gear was shoe polish. (Get ready because David is going to make a 3 hour video on how to polish your shoes! Haha!


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Man Drink: Wild Highlander – Scotch Ale Wee Heavy (Home brew)

Man Gear: Shoe Polish

Man Topic: Little kids in Mass

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