Synod on Fatherhood

Synod on Fatherhood

We call a synod on fatherhood this week. We host David Williams to discuss the roles of fatherhood, establishment, and the desire to raise saints.

The Role of the Saints in the Renewal of the Church

Adam and Dave discuss the role of the saints

David Williams, the creator of SaintCards, joins us today to talk about the role of saints in the renewal of the Church This episode is sponsored by Covenant Eyes. Use promo code “catholicman” to get a 30-day free trial in protecting you and your family from the dangers of the internet. Join us on Patreon. There are…

Dignity of Fatherhood – Episode 123

Dignity of Fatherhood – Episode 123 David Williams, founder of Saint Cards Pope Benedict XVI stated in his general audience on August 19th, 2009: “The saints are true interpreters of Sacred Scripture. In the experience of their lives the saints have verified the truth of the Gospel; thus they introduce us into a knowledge and…