Aquinas on the Eucharist – BONUS episode

Aquinas and the Eucharist - Karlo Broussard

AQUINAS ON THE EUCHARIST QUESTION 73   INTRODUCTION Hey patreons of the Catholic Man Show, Karlo Broussard here. I’d like to welcome you to this course on Aquinas and the Eucharist where we’ll be looking at what Aquinas says about the Eucharist in his Summa Theologiae, tertia pars, questions 73-83. I’d like to thank Adam…

We Have to Start with Jesus – Fr. Craig Vasek

Fr. Craig Vasek

We have to start with Jesus. Jesus raises those from the dead. We discuss: What does it mean to be a Christian? What is purgatory going to be like? What happens during the Holy Mass? What is the kerygma? How is Saturday different than Sunday? Exodus 90 – JOIN US Sign up for The Loop – Are…

How is Jesus in Heaven and in the Eucharist? with Dr. Timothy O’Malley

The Eucharist with Dr. Timothy O'Malley

Dr. Timothy O’Malley joins us in the studio to talk about the Eucharist. Dr. Timothy O’Malley talks answers questions on: How Jesus is in Heaven but in the Eucharist. Holy Mass and reverence What saints see during Mass How we need to express to our kids how much we love the Eucharist Dr. Timothy O’Malley’s…

The Eucharist


What is the Eucharist? What are the roots of the Eucharist? What did Jewish people expect during the Passover?