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Special Edition: Hoffman Blacksmithing – Episode 105

Hoffman Blacksmithing: Liam Hoffman

Every once in a while, we break away from our normal routine on The Catholic Man Show to have a conversation with someone we think is a craftsman, expert in a field, and/or has an interesting story. Our guest, Liam Hoffman from Hoffman Blacksmithing, fits all 3 categories.


Growing up in the mountains of North Carolina, Liam was accustomed to playing outside in the woods and creeks. At the age of 13, he fell in love with, what would later be his profession, blacksmithing. While going through middle school and high school, Liam would come home and work up to 4 hours each day perfecting the craft of forging.


By the time he graduated high school Liam had his business well underway. Today he is 21 years old with eight years of experience, author of a book FORGED a Guide to Becoming a Blacksmith, and he even teaches private lessons to students from as far away as Australia. In June of 2016, he traveled NYC to appear on History Channel’s Forged in Fire. There, he forged a Kora sword and became the youngest to win Forged in Fire against ABS Master Bladesmith Josh Smith.


If you want a Hoffman Blacksmithing axe, be sure to check out his website in June. He is briefy going to be taking orders. However, you will have to wait a while to receive the axe because he currently has a 2 year backlog! Here’s some of his axes.


Hoffman Blacksmithing Axe


Hoffman Blacksmithing Axe


Hoffman Blacksmithing Axe



Here’s a look at a couple knives.


Hoffman Blacksmithing – Knife


Hoffman Blacksmithing – Knife



Find out more about Hoffman Blacksmithing:





Liam Hoffman’s book:

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