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Virtue of Reverence

The Virtue of Reverence Every good and holy gift is certainly given from above. There are many gifts and graces our Triune God dispenses upon His children but unfortunately not all gladly receive. In order that we may better ourselves, we must first take into account God’s constant promptings for our sanctification. But Our Lord…

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Building Virtue and a 500lb Deadlift.

Building Virtue and a 500lb Deadlift. “Everybody Wants to go to Heaven, But Nobody Wants to Die” – Albert King If you’re reading this, the above quote probably applies to you. If there’s a heaven (there is) everyone wants to go there. No one wants to die for it though. Everyone wants to live forever.…

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Raising a Daughter with Dignity

Raising a Daughter with Dignity It can be very difficult to raise children in this day and age. I am certain that all fathers have said such as thing in every age since the first dawned upon man. This is certainly so as in each age, there was always a need for evil to attempt…

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A Letter to Fathers – Like Father, Like Son

A Letter to a Father, You must know by now, since you are a father, that you are being watched by your sons. And it is your sons who look up to you for assurance, guidance, and most of all…truth. It goes without saying that you must love your sons without conditions and let your…

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Be a Joyful Man

On Being a Joyful Man Want happiness? Eat bacon! But that which abides in man and gives him fulfilling purpose is not happiness as it is very fleeting. Brothers, it is joy that we should attempt to obtain while we live. As a father, my children give me joy and happiness; however, if my infant…

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