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9 benefits of frequent confession

Pope Pius XII defended the practice of frequent Confession – even of venial sins.

By it, self-knowledge is increased, Christian humility grows, bad habits are corrected, spiritual neglect and tepidity are resisted, the conscience is purified, the will is strengthened, a salutary self-control is attained, and grace is increased in virtue of the Sacrament itself. Mystici Corporis Christi, 88 [1943]

Also, in promulgating the new rite of the Sacrament of Penance following the Second Vatican Council, Blessed Pope Paul VI stressed the great value of frequent and reverent recourse to this Sacrament (of Confession) even when only venial sins are in question. This practice is a constant effort to bring to perfection the grace of our Baptism.


  1.  Conscience is purified – The weight of sin is heavy and you don’t have to carry it! “A good conscience is the palace of Christ; the temple of the Holy Ghost; the paradise of delight; the standing Sabbath of the saints.” – St. Augustine
  2.  Grace is increased – Restore your relationship with God! “Courage! God asks of us only our good will. His grace does the rest.”  – St. Theophane Venard
  3.  Will is strengthened – Confession prepares you for spiritual combat. “Having faith does not mean having no difficulties, but having the strength to face them, knowing we are not alone.” -Pope Fancis
  4.  Self-knowledge is increased – It is a virtuous trait to ‘know thyself’.  “Self knowledge puts us on our knees, and it is very necessary for love. For knowledge of God gives love, and knowledge of self gives humility.” -St. Teresa of Calcutta
  5.  More rapid growth in virtue takes place – That’s what we all want… right?! “Ask Jesus to make you a saint. After all, only He can do that.” – St. Dominic
  6.  Humility grows – Remember it was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men saints! “Humility is the mother of giants. One sees great things from the valley; only small things from the peak.” – G.K. Chesterton
  7.  Bad habits are assisted in being overcome – “Don’t let your sins turn into bad habits.” – St. Teresa of Avila
  8.  A spirit of mediocrity or lukewarmness is assisted in being overcome – We are called to greatness! Don’t be lukewarm… the Bible doesn’t speak highly of lukewarmness. “All the evils of the world are due to lukewarm Catholics.” -Pope St. Pius V
  9.  Greater self-control is achieved in daily living – We have to be aware of our weaknesses! “Let us clothe ourselves with conord and humility, ever exercising self-control, standing far off from all whispering and evil-speaking.” – Clement of Rome

About the author, Adam

Adam is the Vice President St. Michael Catholic Radio in Tulsa and the co-host of The Catholic Man Show.

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