Cell Phone Addiction

Cell Phone Addiction

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Addiction in of itself is a form of slavery and a snare of sin. When we take time to allow ourselves to over indulge in material things we lose sight of not only the purpose of the materials we so adore but we also dethrone Christ in our hearts. One such addictions our age certainly struggles with is that of Cell Phone Addiction. I know, it sounds incredibly silly to say out loud but unfortunately we do actually have a serious problem in our day and age where technology has become a daily companion that can literally entertain almost every single desire we might have. We live in the age of instant gratification or the era of the double click as it is sometimes referred to. Those privileged to own cell phones are in a constant state of temptation to practice vices that will further strengthen the grip of their addiction. Let me explain...

One virtue that would be certainly choked out of a cell phone addict is that of Longanimity. The virtue of Longanimity refers to long-suffering which is actually cast in a positive light as opposed to the word patience which refers to enduring an evil with calmness of mind. To practice Longanimity means to endure with hope – assurance of good tidings though not yet. In other words, to be hopefully expectant of awaiting a beautiful tree to grow from a seedling. However, to be addicted to something as a cell phone with its many functions and opportunities at instant transmission of inquiries along with endless forms of entertainment...why exercise that virtue of Longanimity? What is there a need to wait with hopeful expectation when you can take what you want here and now? Never mind that life with all its many issues does not work that way. Who needs to prepare for moments when we are forced to wait without assurances? Not us, since we are so evolved and illumined with our great technology.

Purity is also at stake every time we pick up our smart phones. Before our age of information highways, in order to obtain pornography, you had to go to an actual location and purchase the smut. But now, all one needs is an internet connection and a search browser! Even searching online for harmless things are word related to sexual innuendos that can trigger pop up sites that offer more degradation.  Pornography has never been so readily available of all the ages of perversity. Without particular safe guards in place, anything can be found even among our youth. We have also become internet chat warriors where we can say just about anything regardless of how cruel or disgusting to another human being. We have lost our innocence as twisted humor has become all the rage and the love of many indeed has grown cold. Charity has become a word for organizations rather than a lifestyle and chastity is not even known among even the elderly.

We sin against God in the pursuit of forbidden knowledge because of our curiosity. The Church defines curiosity is to seek out knowledge which is not appropriate in our state in life. Many of us, even those that claim Christ as their God find themselves looking up absolutely forbidden things all for the sake of curiosity. And for what? So that we can feed our pagan appetites of pleasure and vainglory. All these things and so much more just because we cannot seem to put down the phone. How long has it been since you have not looked at your phone? How many nights have you laid in bed with your spouse and not a single word was passed between you because you both were entranced by your cell phones? How many times have you and family members sit in a room together not saying a word to one another because everyone has their cell phone out? How long did you spend on your cell phone today? These are questions that are meant to make you think and hopefully to stir you up! Dethrone the cell phone from your heart as your precious treasure and reinstate Christ as Lord within you. Unplug and utter a short prayer of perseverance and graces to use items of convenience in moderation. Remember, YOU own IT and not the other way around!  

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