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Book Review: To Raise the Fallen

Book Review: To Raise the Fallen Ignatius Press Compiled and Edited by Patrick Kenny             Are you looking for some motivation or inspiration? What words would you use to describe military life? Perhaps duty, honor, courage, and self-sacrifice come to mind or maybe early mornings, lack of sleep, and discipline enter your thoughts. A reader…

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Fish for Friday: How to Cook Salmon on the Grill

Fish for Friday: How To Cook Salmon on the Grill Looking for a delightfully different way to enjoy salmon? Here’s a step-by-step guide that will help you yield delicious results. You won’t want to wait until your next fasting day to take advantage of this technique. 1. Select your salmon. If you can find it,…

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Engaging in Community Service while Social Distancing

How to Engage in Community Service While Social Distancing During times of crisis, people need to rely on their faith and community more than ever. However, COVID-19 has shuttered churches and rendered resources challenging to find. Social distancing measures have caused separation, despite their necessity. Regardless of whether your faith demands acts of community service,…

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