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Broken + Blessed by Fr. Josh Johnson

Book Review: Broken + Blessed An Invitation to My Generation by Father Josh Johnson Purchase Broken + Blessed here The sun is setting, the shadows are getting longer, and another day is almost in the books. Chores of the day are winding down, but on the back porch, the conversation is just beginning. Relationships are…

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Why I Am Catholic (And You Should Be Too)

Book Review: Why I Am Catholic (And You Should Be Too) by Brandon Vogt  Conversion stories always seem interesting to me. A common thread I have noticed in most of the stories is people are searching for the truth. I wish I could say that my conversion and journey to the Catholic church was spurred…

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The Missionary of Wall Street – Book Review

Book Review: The Missionary of Wall Street by Stephen F. Auth  Close your eyes for a minute and place yourself on a busy street corner in New York City. It doesn’t matter if you have never been there, most of us have at least viewed scenes of New York in movies or advertisements. Listen for…

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Book Review: True Allegiance

Book Review: True Allegiance by Ben Shapiro             Hello, my name is Kent, and I have a weak spot for action books. For many years my father-in-law and I have traded books back and forth that contain pages full of covert military operations, bullet dodging heroes traveling the world to halt a terrorist plot in…

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