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Beneath a Scarlet Sky – TCMS Book Review

Beneath a Scarlet Sky

By: Mark Sullivan

Every once in a while you read a book that keeps you thinking for days. Beneath A Scarlet Sky is one of those books. Personally, I enjoy true stories and am naturally drawn to books that have action and follow a chronological order. This book is a real and very raw account of life in Italy during World War 2 and follows a Catholic Italian teenager Pino Lella.

The good and bad parts of humanity are on display in this tale which is full of action, suspense, despair, and faith. True stories of courage and fortitude unfold as Pino and his family watch their homeland being invaded by Nazi Germany which forever alters their lives. The Catholic faith is prevalent in this story which includes priests and citizens risking everything to save lives in the midst of a time rampant with sin, evil and despair.

If you are looking for a book with no gray areas this may not be the book for you; however, if you are wanting to read a book that is real and follows the highs, lows, slips and falls of a courageous teenager in the grips of life and death decisions, then this might be the book for you. I have never been in the military or fought on the battlefield, but this book transports you to life during World War 2 and the drama that follows. Many times while reading this story I found myself being challenged to have more courage and a stronger faith during times of adversity while reflecting on how fortunate my family and I are to live during a time of relative peace.

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Kent Keithly

Husband, fortunate father of four and Catholic convert of 20 years.

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