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Cheers to Jesus

Questions about Confession

Fr. Bryan Brooks joins us to discuss the Holy Sacrament of Confession.

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About our drink:

Michter’s Bourbon

Notes of oak, white pepper, honey, peaches and raisins lingered for a while in my mouth with the predominant flavor being the white pepper that brings a subtle heat and spice to the finish. This bourbon tastes like many young bourbons I’ve had from start-up distilleries with its light nose and sweet palate profile.

About the gear:

N/A – we didn’t have a gear this week since we had so much we needed to cover.

About our topic:

The topic of confession.

How do we help the priest, help us, during confession? Should you pray while in the state of mortal sin? How do you make a good confession after you have stopped committing mortal sin on a regular basis? Can you make a confession on skype?

About our guest:

Fr. Bryan Brooks was born in Oklahoma City nearly fifty years ago. My parents are Mary Brooks and the late Bob Brooks. I am the third of four children, three boys and one girl. I was baptized and raised a Methodist and attended public schools. My dad was an auto mechanic who started his own company of car repair and remanufacturing of engine parts. It was the family business and at different times I and my siblings worked with our parents in some form. As a child and adolescent, I was active in Boy Scouts. While in high school I was a member of a Disciples of Christ congregation.

He was ordained to the priesthood May 28, 1993. Pastor – St. Benedict Parish (Broken Arrow), Vicar for Priests – Diocese of Tulsa.

Drinking: Michters Bourbon

Gear: N/A

Discussing the sacrament of confession.

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About the author, Adam

Adam is the Vice President St. Michael Catholic Radio in Tulsa and the co-host of The Catholic Man Show.

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