Fatherhood and the Spiritual Life

Fatherhood and the Spiritual Life

Adam and David talk about the parallels of fatherhood and the spiritual life. The five stages in fatherhood they discuss: The Protector and Provider The Teacher The Establisher The Intercessor The Custodian of Tradition How do all these relate to the spiritual life? Exodus 90 – JOIN US Sign up for The Loop – Are you in…

Goals, Dangers, Prayers, Governance, and Obedience to Fatherhood

Goals of Fatherhood

This week we talk about goals, dangers, prayers, governance, and obedience to Fatherhood. What is the goal of Fatherhood and why has God entrusted His children to you? What are some of the dangers of fatherhood? How do you confine work or business to moderate limits? What about going to the bar for a drink?…

Synod on Fatherhood

Synod on Fatherhood

We call a synod on fatherhood this week. We host David Williams to discuss the roles of fatherhood, establishment, and the desire to raise saints.

3 Things to be Avoided by Parents

Adam and Dave discuss things to be avoided by parents

3 Things to be Avoided by Parents according to the Catechism of the Council of Trent Scroll to the bottom of the page for the show transcript ENJOY THE SHOW AND WOULD LIKE TO SEE MORE? SUPPORT TCMS, GET AWESOME THANK YOU GIFTS, AND HELP SPREAD THE WORD. Become a Patron! PATREON AUDIO: Casti Connubii…

5 Duties of Parents – CCC 2223

Adam and Dave discuss the 5 duties of parents

5 DUTIES OF PARENTS WITH DAVID WILLIAMS FROM SAINTCARDS USE PROMO CODE “MANSHOW7” FOR THIS MONTH WHEN ORDERING SAINTCARDS AND GET AN ADDITIONAL $7 OFF! We are looking for a few men who are taking their faith seriously. Support the show – Get awesome thank you gifts Become a Patron! An audio recording of the…