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Evangelizing the youths with Taylor Schroll – Episode 69

Taylor Schroll from Forte Catholic tells us old timers how to evangelize the youngins

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After a time of prayer and discernment, Taylor and his family decided to move to Bryan, Tx to join ABLAZE Ministries as missionaries. He is overjoyed to be working with a group of holy, talented individuals with the same passion for evangelization, catechesis and ministry as he has. His role with ABLAZE is as a Director of Youth Ministries and Conference Team Coordinator.

Taylor teaches us how to baptize our phones – something, as men, we should all do! *Warning – dipping your phone in water may cause it to stop working. The Catholic Man Show will not pay for any damaged phones. Please contact Taylor with any issues*

MAN DRINK: Tequila Sunrise

MAN GEAR: Baptizing your phone

MAN TOPIC: Evangelizing the youths

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