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Fearless by Eric Blehm – TCMS Book Review

Fearless by Eric Blehm

TCMS Book Review

I finished reading the book Fearless by Eric Blehm about two years ago, and I find I think of this story and its main character, Adam Brown, at least once a week. As men we like a challenge, and even more than that, we need to push ourselves to set and achieve goals. Going further, I believe men have a deep longing for authentic brotherhood. Through this story, I was able to grasp onto the importance of masculinity and a sense of belonging for men in our society. This story highlights the values of family, love, self-sacrifice, struggle, perseverance, and, most importantly, forgiveness.

The details in this book are laid out well and easy to follow as you get to know Adam and his family from his formative years, up through his eventual and almost impossible journey to the United States Navy. You get to see his battle with drug addiction and the mercy and support of his loving wife and family. As I read, I found myself cheering for this man and his family as he fought to become a Navy Seal Team Six Operator.

If you like books that contain gritty determination and a never quit attitude, then you will enjoy this story. Personally, I have gained many things from the story of Adam Brown’s life, but most of all, I have gleaned the importance of fighting through struggles, accepting challenges without complaining, and readying yourself to lay down your life for your family at all times. This tale shows that it is possible to be a warrior while living a life of humble service.

There are so many uncommon things that Adam accomplished in his life. Even though I never met Adam, I feel like I know him based on the information given in this story. When you get toward the end of this book it will not come as a surprise that when Adam’s Seal team was in the middle of an extremely dangerous battle and the radio call went out for a treacherous maneuver, Adam spoke up and said, “I got it.” Those three words would be some of Adam’s last on this earth, but for me became a wake-up call to abandon fear and embrace courage. (Non-spoiler disclaimer –The summary on the back cover of this book reveals Adam’s death).

For me, it is two years later and Adam’s story continues to swirl through my head. I still think of getting a group of guys together to go to Hot Springs, Arkansas to pay our respects at Adam’s grave or to take a trail run in the woods like he used to do. Those seem like good ideas, but in a more practical sense, I think the best thing to do is live each day without fear and in service to my family. I strongly encourage men to read this book, as I have no doubt that it will change your life.

Written by friend and Council of Man member, Kent Keithly

Husband, fortunate father of four, and Catholic convert of 20 years.

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