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Raising a Daughter with Dignity

Raising a Daughter with Dignity

It can be very difficult to raise children in this day and age. I am certain that all fathers have said such as thing in every age since the first dawned upon man. This is certainly so as in each age, there was always a need for evil to attempt to prey upon the young. To raise children up as vessels of wrath rather than temples of the Holy Spirit. We see this today as the young people who shall be the leaders of tomorrow are completely seduced by false beliefs and actions. And the entertainment industry seems bent on spreading diseased affections for impurity and perversity – all directed at your children to grow and not only to tolerate abominations but also help spread it throughout our land. Arguably, the most pervasive of Satan’s tactics is to corrupt the woman. As it was in the beginning, when Eve was first deceived as well as God’s curse against the serpent. For God placed enmity between the serpent and the woman and it would be by the woman’s heel Satan’s head would be crushed (Douay Rheims Genesis 3:15).

As a father, you are able to teach your daughter(s) by your tenderness with her and how you respect and love your wife. How your daughter understands her virtue is your struggle but this is what your daughters must know. First and foremost, they must know that their virginity is sacred. This includes your sons but most assuredly your daughters must understand this. For the virginity of a woman is the jewel in the heap of rumble that is our world as it is currently. Virginity is the pure gift from God that which employs the assistance of the saints and to terrify all of hell. Your daughters must also understand humility – for this is the foundation virtue from which all other virtues flow. The great model of virtue most assuredly is found in our Blessed Virgin Mother – Mary. Apart from their birth mother, teach your daughters about the Blessed Virgin Mary. Impart to them the weapon from Heaven – the Most Holy Rosary – and teach them how to pray it devoutly. Have them understand their Heavenly mother as one who desperately seeks after their affection and petitions just as their birth mother does. Give to her a chapel veil when she enters a Catholic church so as to build upon the truth of the True Presence of Christ in the Tabernacle. Remind your daughters that they are to be ladies and to never use harsh language but to think only of nurturing all those they meet. However, because of our harmful world and degenerate minds within, teach her also how to defend herself should she be caught in a dangerous situation. Jesus taught us to be as harmless as doves but as wise as serpents – teach also your daughters to be princesses of light but to not be ignorant of Satan’s snares. Beauty is always a concern for women and it shall also be so for your daughters as it should be. Instead of inflaming their ego about their outward beauty, remind them the kindness and meekness they show is what makes them actually beautiful. Have your daughters realize that gentleness and compassion is their most awe-striking strength apart from their petitions to God. Consecrate your daughters to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in their hearing and as you speak to your heavenly mother, make known your petitions for your daughters’ holiness and purity where they can also hear. Above all, do not be afraid for your daughters but show strength and confidence for their sake; and never let a day go by where you do not tell them how proud of them you really are. For the tenderness of their hearts are so much more fragile than that of boys. Love without condition and gently guide with compassion; forge this loving relationship with the love of Holy Mother Church and Christ and you would have dedicated your daughters to the noblest of all causes – for sainthood. Amen.

About the author, Adam

Adam is the Vice President St. Michael Catholic Radio in Tulsa and the co-host of The Catholic Man Show.

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