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Razor Review – What type is best for me?

Razor Review:

Let’s get the joke out of the way – no razor is the best razor. Ok, everyone feels better… Let’s move on.

Many boys learn how to shave and which tool to use from their fathers, who learned from their fathers, almost as sort of a rite of passage. For those who may not have had this experience or for those who have been stuck in their routines for years, let’s review the type of razors and what they are good for.

Electric Razor:

Technology has indeed provided time-saving applications and devices. Electric razors provide a fast and mobile option for shaving. With a simple push of a button, this device can slide across your skin painlessly and with virtually no mess, almost like you aren’t shaving at all. Unfortunately most of the time, that’s the case… you aren’t shaving at all. You are simply reducing your beard or 5 o’clock shadow to a light stubble without the possibility of the closeness of a regular razor. If you are looking for a quick fix or in a pinch, you can make electric razors work. If you are going for a scruffy look or are just trimming a beard or mustache, an electric razor is also a good option.


The amount of R&D money that has been spent in the highly competitive razor market is baffling. Major razor companies spend millions of dollars to come out with the next flexible design that’s aimed at turning the complex topography of your face into an easily maneuvered flat surface. The idea is to combine both the speed of shaving with comfort. While some experts disagree whether having 5 blades is really better than having 3 blades, having the swiveling multiblade in your arsenal is a must. If it has a straight edge on the back for trimming and scaping, that’s a plus!

Safety Razor:

This razor was big before the invention of the cartridge razors. Nonetheless, the retro chic razor that brings you back to watching your grandpa shave in the mirror before Mass on Sundays is on the revival. With the basic model costing about $40 and blades around .60 cents apiece, over time the amount of money saved is worth it for the frugal dad. Getting a close, nick-free shave takes more time and a little practice, but fans say the safety razor turns shaving into a contemplative, self-pampering treat.

Straight Razor:

Every man, at least once in his life, should get a professional shave with a straight razor. It’s not just the shave itself, but the experience and atmosphere of what an ideal shave can be. Find an old-school barbershop (if you’re in Tulsa, this is the place to go), sit back, and enjoy the 1950’s era of men getting together in a public place to fellowship and talk about things typically looked down upon today… politics and religion!

What about a shaving brush?

Shaving brushes look great with your shaving kit, but in my opinion, isn’t the easiest method of applying shaving cream. The design and purpose of the shaving brush are for the bristles to exfoliate dead skin cells as you coat your beard and are supposed to help make the whiskers stand up. Make sure you get a brush made with badger hair, which is durable enough for extended use, but soft enough for a daily shave.

Side note: If you have a beard, check out our friends at Catholic Beard Balm!

About the author, Adam

Adam is the Vice President St. Michael Catholic Radio in Tulsa and the co-host of The Catholic Man Show.

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