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We all know that David hates emails. He hates almost everything about them. BUT… There is one email David looks forward to every day and has for several years.


The Loop is a FREE daily news feed and Catholic media source in one email.

Looking to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in the Catholic world? The LOOP has you covered.

Looking for the best Catholic blogs? The LOOP has you covered.

The saint of the day? The LOOP has you covered.

Daily Scripture readings? The LOOP has you covered.

The LOOP isn’t worried about offending anyone or what pronouns are in your bio. They provide real content all from a Catholic perspective. And again, IT’S FREE!

Sign up here and make sure to let them know we sent you!

P.S. We love Conversations with Jackie and Bobbie, but we want to beat them – You can help! Make sure to click “The Catholic Man Show” in the “How did you hear about us” section.

About the author, Adam

Adam is the Director of Communications for the Diocese of Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma, CEO of St. Michael Catholic Radio, Co-host of TCMS, Author from Ascension Press, Husband and Father of 5 children.

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