70 Gift Ideas – 2023 Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

Getting Christmas gifts can add unnecessary stress to a wonderful time of year. We have put together a Christmas Gift Guide to help not only check Christmas presents off the list, but will also support some great Catholic companies (most of these companies are Catholic, but not all of them). We have broken down the gifts into the following categories:

  • Apparel
  • Gears and Gadgets
  • Consumables
  • Books
  • Subscriptions
  • Suggestions for Patrons

Note: Not all these businesses are Catholic businesses. We tried to include as many as we could. If you are a small Catholic business, reach out to us, and we will try to add you to the list. We do not receive any financial kickbacks from these companies.




JJ Suspenders

These chestnut-brown leather suspenders are one of our favorite pairs for creating a relaxed, put-together look for casual or semi-formal occasions. Bold stitching and weathered hardware lend them character and a soft elastic back strap increases comfort and mobility. We love these paired with tan trousers and a white tee for a laid-back feel.


Legendary Whitetails Flannel Hooded Jacket

In the brisk winter months, every man needs something quick to throw on to get their chores done. The Legendary Whitetails Flannel Jacket will keep you warm while not feeling like you are wearing a weighted workout vest.


Red Wing Shoes – Iron Ranger: Heritage Style 8085

Men’s 6-inch boot in copper rough and tough leather. These boots will last 10+ years without sacrificing comfort. 


The Catholic Man Show Leather Patch Hat or Beenie

The Catholic Man Show Leather Patch Hats available in camo, navy, green, or black.

The Catholic Man Show Leather Patch Beenies are available here.


Verso L’Alto Long Sleeve by Totally Catholic Tees

Verso l’ alto!!!! ….Italian for “To the Heights!” the motto of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, the “man of the beatitudes”. On the back a graphic image of the holy young man who had a heart for adventure, nature, the youth, and above all…God. You can check out more about Bl. Pier and his cause for canonization here.


T1 Overalls with Knee Pads by TrueWerk

Whether you are working in the yard, the garage, hiking, or camping, these overalls are comfortable and will last. David needs to get a pair for his farm!


Radiant Crucifix Necklace by Telos Art Shop

Needing a gift for your wife? Your favorite new Crucifix features rays similar to those around a monstrance or a halo to remind us we are never far from the Lord. The Crucifix is available in solid sterling silver, solid gold, and gold over sterling silver. The 1” pendant is suspended from an 18” satellite or curb chain.


Tecovas Leather Wallet

Handcrafted from authentic calfskin leather, our Billfold features a bi-fold design and ample room for your cards, cash, and identification. Hand-stitching and debossed Tecovas logos on the inside and out add refined style to the durability of folded-edge construction, while the slim profile allows for easy front- or back-pocket carry. Available in two signature colors to match your favorite boots and belt.


Premium Brown Scapulars by Scapulars.com

Bringing much-needed innovation to this beloved sacramental, our scapulars are made with super-strong American paracord and super-soft Australian merino wool. Plus, the patent-pending design includes a pocket for your favorite sacred medal—so it won’t wear your cord out! In fact, if it wears out from normal use, we’ll replace it for free. Long story short: this is the most durable, comfortable scapular ever made. 

Scapulars.com® is proud to be family-owned. We’re happy to provide discounts on orders of multiple scapulars so you can vest all of your loved ones in Our Lady’s care! Check the pricing chart for details.



Gear and Gadgets


Official Rosary of The Catholic Man Show by Catholic Woodworker

This Handmade Rosary Features:

    • Stunning Immaculate Heart of Mary Centerpiece in Antique Silver, Original Design by The Catholic Woodworker (USA)
    • Highly detailed St. Benedict Crucifix in Black (Italy)
    • Custom Madre de Cacao Hardwood Beads (Philippines)
    • 10mm Larvikite Stone Our Father Beads (Norway)
    • Solid 7mm Gunmetal Bead Cap Finish Accents
    • Extremely Durable Charcoal 95 Paracord


Remarkable 2  

If your job requires you to take notes and you are constantly loosing the pad of paper, this is what you need. This note-taking device is like walking around with a filing cabinet at your fingertips. It feels like you are writing with a pencil (unlike a lot of tablets) and it doesn’t have apps or other distractions. Adam bought one 3 years ago and he highly recommends it!


Tridentine Brewing Co. Merch

With Tridentine beers available to purchase in the near future (Lord please!), having some of their merch for your shop, garage, study, or office is a delicious compliment. Plus you will be supporting a wonderful Catholic brewing family! Win-Win!


SensorPush  – Highly recommended by our bodyguard, Jim

You don’t want the meat you worked so hard to process to go to waste by your freezer going out without you knowing. Cleaning up spoiled meat is the worst. This wireless sensor system alerts you when your freezer changes in temperature, humidity, and more. Easy to set up, easy to use.


10″ Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue from Catholic Sacramentals

Beautiful statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for the home or the office. Heirloom quality with incredible detail. Order one today.


Mayflower Cigars by Michael Knowles

Centuries of family tradition, culture, and devotion combine to bring forth each and every Mayflower cigar. Like the ship and flower for which they are named, Mayflower cigars augur new possibilities and delight with unassuming grace. Each vitola is handcrafted, blended, and aged for and until precisely the right time, from Dawn to Dusk.


Jackery Portable Power Station

Jackery Explorer 1000 Portable Power Station charges eight devices simultaneously. Featuring a battery capacity of 1002Wh, the portable power station is suitable for charging all devices during camping and power outages. Excellent features of the Explorer 1000 power station include three standard pure sine wave AC outlets, compact design, MPPT charge controller, and an industrial-grade quiet power station.


OreMoose Elk Bible Cover

“The Elk” themed Bible cover features a tough & rugged look with natural sinew and a brown button. This cover is extremely durable, not unlike the North American Elk itself, and will protect your Bible for years to come. As you grow in relationship with Our Lord through daily reading of His Word, this cover will naturally patina and take on the unique characteristics of you and your prayer life. Learn more here.


The Original Vintage Brass and Wood Fountain Pen by Frederick 𝔉 Fölsch

Roll back the years with our original retro Vintage Brass and Wood Fountain Pen with a beautifully carved wooden body leading to a traditional brass neck and finally to our high-quality iridium alloy nib with a gold tip for contrasting beauty.


Custom Breviary/Liturgy of the Hours Leather Book Cover by Red Tractor Leather Co.

Looking for a way to protect your Breviary? Look no further! We can work with you and your design ideas to carve out a personalized and professional cover that will last for many years! If you scroll through the images, you’ll see covers carved based on customers design ideas. The product is listed as ‘Back Order’ because these are all custom made. Just reach out to us and we can start the design process with you – all you need to bring is your imagination!


Cocktail Smoker Kit with Torch

All in one kit: Smoke Board’s old-fashioned smoker kit contains all the essential products for making a perfect smoked cocktail. This cocktail smoker kit includes a torch, a mixing glass, a smoke board, three different wooden chip jars, and a bag to transport these items effortlessly. If you like hosting and making cocktails, this is a can’t miss present. Buy one here.


Kango Woody 12-Pack Kase Mate

No ice? No problem!

Slide in a Cold 12-Pack Case of Beer or Seltzer to Keep Your Drinks Cold for up to 7 Hours- No Ice.


Binoculars with Universal Phone Adapter

Take the kids to birdwatch or use these for hunting. Regardless, these binoculars will help you with all your outdoor needs.


Large Wall Crucifix by Furnished by Frassati

Heirloom Crosses & Crucifixes in Table Rock, Nebraska. One of the greatest gifts that was given to us can be remembered through a crucifix. This crucifix, made from solid walnut, should remind you every day that Christ died for you, and you are worthy of His love.

Designed and handcrafted in Furnished by Frassati’s home for yours. Order one here.


Peterson Pipe

As the oldest continuously operating briar pipe factory in the world, Peterson Pipes have a certain tradition to uphold, a legacy of craftsmanship dating back over 150 years. Whether you’re browsing for your very first pipe or are a seasoned collector in search of a rare gem, know that every pipe in their catalogue carries with it that same preservation of tradition. A Peterson pipe isn’t just a utilitarian tool; it’s a piece of history you can carry with you in your travels, a faithful companion to accompany you through all that life offers.

With a slightly tapered and more rounded style of bowl, Peterson’s “230” bent Billiard forgoes the cylindrical, tubular shaping cues typically seen from the Irish marque. That said, Peterson’s conventionally muscular style of shank and transition is still clearly evident. Despite these hearty proportions, however, the “230” remains a compact pipe in terms of overall length, well suited to hands-free clenching and an excellent choice for travel.

Revived in 2022, Peterson’s Emerald series resurrects one of the Irish marque’s best-selling lines. It presents pipes dressed in the factory’s recognizable rustication and decorated with the Emerald line’s characteristic brass rings and namesake acrylic accent. Combining Peterson’s signature shaping style with a tasteful color palette that evokes Ireland’s verdant landscape, this Emerald pipe also features a P-Lip stem of vulcanite, further embodying Peterson’s historic reputation for innovation and pipe-smoking comfort. Learn more here.


Catholic Family Crate

Empower your children to participate and engage in Mass. It can sometimes be hard trying to get your little saints to engage and participate in Mass, we get it! This pocket-sized guide is perfect for teaching your pint-sized saints about the Order of the Mass. A great gift for young Catholics who are starting their families OR for grandma and grandpa who want to help pass on the faith to the grandchildren.


Barbatus Chrism Beard Balm by Catholic Beard Balm

The product that all bearded Catholic Men didn’t even know they were waiting for has arrived! Hand made in small batches by a Catholic beard enthusiast Tony Vasinda. Barbatus Beard Balm is an all natural blend of almond oil, shea butter, beeswax, cocoa butter and essential oils (in our scented ones).

Chrism: The rich aroma of balsam, rose, and 50+ other scents all mix together to remind you daily of your baptismal promises.

Order here


Kindling Cracker: Firewood Kindling Splitter

If you burn a lot of firewood, this is a great item. It also is very good if you have younger boys who want to help splitting firewood but you don’t want them swinging a sharp axe.  Check it out here.


G&H Decoys – Classic Magnum Made in America

Catholic-owned, G&H Decoys, Inc. is already a household name. G&H has a reputation for quality and longevity and is steeped in the finest traditions of waterfowl hunting. With changes in the world economy over the past few decades, G&H is the last of its kind – a holdout from the Dust Bowl days where strength of will and American muscle were part of our shared ideals. When other companies moved production overseas, G&H dug in. G&H is the cornerstone business in Henryetta, Oklahoma. Many workers have survived decades of challenges and wear their longevity and resiliency as a badge of honor.



It’s the patented can cooler you can fish with! Chill-N-Reel’s unique approach to hand-line fishing keeps you hydrated and having fun for hours!

Made in the USA, each Original Chill-N-Reel comes fully equipped with just about everything you need to immediately get to chillin’ and reelin’ — and all you have to do is add your favorite bait and, of course, a frosty beverage! Buy one (or two) here.


Meater Plus

The world’s best-selling meat thermometer with a built-in Bluetooth repeater! Get freedom from your grill, smoker, or kitchen. 2 Sensors, 1 Probe: Dual temperature sensors can monitor internal meat temperature and ambient. It’s a win for any BBQ master. Order here.


Yellow-handle Case Mini Trapper Pocket Knife

Whether you are a hunter and needing a durable knife to skin a deer or you just are looking to upgrade your daily carry, a Case Smooth Yellow Synthetic handle is one of the most prolific throughout the knife industry. It’s been used in Case knives for more than 100 years. You can’t go wrong here.


St. Joseph the Worker Poster by Baritus Catholic

Original artwork of Saint Joseph the Worker by BARITUS Catholic Illustration. Museum-quality posters made on thick and durable matte paper. Add a wonderful accent to your room and office with these posters that are sure to brighten any environment.


SaintCards – Get to Know Your Family in Heaven

From the William’s family, “Are we giving our families an opportunity to contemplate the many pathways of holiness that these models of our Catholic faith gave to us to follow? This is why we made SaintCards.  Our family wants to invest into the Catholic Domestic Church to help parents fulfill their mission in “teaching their children to discover their vocation as children of God” (CCC 2226). Through learning about these holy men and women, the entire family can grow in holiness, all while having fun.  It’s all for heaven in the end! We hope these SaintCards can help every family grow in love of the Saints and through that growth come to know more intimately, He, who is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.” Order here.


The Grill Gun by GrillBlazer

Never before has lighting your outdoor charcoal, chiminea, fireplace campfire, or anything else been so fun, so cool, and so fast. The Grillgun Lights your grill in just a couple of minutes, sears meat, and any other normal chore you would use a high power torch to do, while being entirely portable, easy to use with a great feel in the hand – all this while looking awesome.


Hand-forged Crucifix by a Clear Creek Abbey Monk

Weighing almost 4 pounds, this 14″ crucifix will be an heirloom quality piece for your family. Plus, you will be supporting Clear Creek Abbey!


Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine

Hear me out – I know it’s expensive. But as a parent, the days of sipping coffee or actually going to a coffee shop are a memory of the distant past. Most of the time you need to get some caffeine into your system before you have to take the kids to school, practice, or church. We have had one of these for 4 or 5 years and we have gotten every bit of our money’s worth (probably in the first year).


Overhead Garage Storage

It’s hard to keep a garage clean. Overhead storage is the simplest way to keep things organized and out of the way.




Birra Nursia Authentic Monk Beer by the Benedictine Monks from Nurcia 

All revenue the monastery produces is used to support the work of prayer and evangelical witness at the monastery in Norcia. All beers are available in both .33 L and .75 L sizes.

.75 L bottles are available in cases of 6 and .33 L bottles are available in cases of 12. Buy a case here.


Saint Cookies by Dizzy Lizzy Cupcakery

Providing personalized home-made confection creations and other tasty treats for customers to enjoy. Find out more information here.


Coffee by Zelie Beans Coffee

Zelie Beans Coffee takes its name from St. Zelie Martin. Zelie Beans Coffee only sources beans from suppliers that provide fair and above-fair prices for the unroasted beans. We also seek out those sources that continue to invest in women, their families, and their communities. Check it out.


Red Fork Reverence by Ultimo Cigars

Introducing Red Fork Reverence, the first spirit pairing from our Craft Series. We partnered with Red Fork Distillery in Tulsa, Ok to bring you the perfect cigar pairing for their new Reverence Bourbon. Enjoy the cigar with bourbon neat or on the rocks. Flavors of vintage leather, warm hay, white pepper, and charred oak perfectly compliment this true American bourbon. Available in a 5, 10, or 20 pack.


Monks’ Homestyle Bread

The monks of the Abbey of the Genesee have been baking Monks’ Bread since 1953. Made from scratch without any artificial preservatives and thin-sliced, Monks’ Bread has been a favorite in the Northeast for decades. Monks’ famous bread is available in 8 delectable varieties. Check out all the varieties.


Smoke Wagon Whiskey 

Just released in fall of 2019, the goal was to create an affordable everyday bourbon that had that unique and unmistakable Smoke Wagon flavor, consisting of delicate sweet notes with a rye spice finish. Barrels with our same high rye mash bill were racked on the top two floors of the warehouse and never rotated. The higher the floor the hotter it gets in the summer causing more expansion and more movement into the wood. Because we don’t chill filter, these combined aspects create a bourbon that is rich and creamy beyond its years. Never rotating the barrels ensures there are no harsh tannin flavors and the high rye mash bill adds a delightfully spicy and nutty finish. Shop here.


Cremo Shaving Cream

Their original formula that got everybody talking. A subtle citrus scent makes for a highly bright, fresh and enjoyable shave. Cremo contains unique molecules that become impossibly slick when mixed with water, so your blade can glide effortlessly over skin. You’ll enjoy a clean, comfortable shave and astonishingly smooth skin while fighting nicks, razor burn and irritation. A great stocking stuffer.


Must-Have Books


Compendium of Sacramentals by Shaun McAfee

This beautiful book written and compiled by Shaun McAfee and published by TAN Publishing is one for every Catholic home. The Catholic Faith posseses a treasury of devotions, prayers, and rituals to draw us deeper into the spiritual life. Among these gifts, sacramentals hold a unique and vital place in the lives of all who seek God’s grace. From rosaries and crucifixes to medals and relics, from bells and candles to salts and scapulars, these seemingly ordinary signs, when woven into our everyday lives, sanctify us and better prepare us to “receive the fruit of the sacraments” (CCC 1677).


Theology of the Home Set 

Whether you are single, married, a working mother, or a stay-at-home mother, this series will be your greatest help in discovering how to bring beauty, order, and vibrancy to the people and place you love most.
The Theology of Home series includes four volumes that range from the everyday, to the sea, and finally to the garden. Expressing the beauty of the physical place, Theology of Home helps to cultivate and prepare us for our eternal home.
We love these books so much that we added it to our additional resources in our book.

The Intellectual Life by A.G. Sertillanges, O.P.

“[This] is above all a practical book. It discusses with a wealth of illustration and insight such subjects as the organization of the intellectual worker’s time, materials, and his life; the integration of knowledge and the relation of one’s specialty to general knowledge; the choice and use of reading; the discipline of memory; the taking of notes, their classification and use; and the preparation and organization of the final production.


Leisure the Basis of Culture by Josef Pieper

One of the most important philosophy titles published in the twentieth century, Josef Pieper’s Leisure, the Basis of Culture is more significant, even more crucial, today than it was when it first appeared more than fifty years ago. This edition also includes his work The Philosophical Act. Leisure is an attitude of the mind and a condition of the soul that fosters a capacity to perceive the reality of the world. Pieper shows that the Greeks and medieval Europeans, understood the great value and importance of leisure. He also points out that religion can be born only in leisure — a leisure that allows time for the contemplation of the nature of God. Leisure has been, and always will be, the first foundation of any culture. Pieper maintains that our bourgeois world of total labor has vanquished leisure, and issues a startling warning: Unless we regain the art of silence and insight, the ability for non-activity, unless we substitute true leisure for our hectic amusements, we will destroy our culture — and ourselves. Available on Amazon.


The Life of St. Thomas Aquinas by William of Tocco

If you want to learn more about who St. Thomas Aquinas was, this is the book for you. We enjoyed it so much that we did a whole episode on 16 things you didn’t know about St. Thomas Aquinas.


Why We Kiss Under the Mistletoe: Christmas Traditions Explained by Michael P. Foley

In Why We Kiss Under the Mistletoe, bestselling author Michael Foley dives deep into the history of Christmas and the customs that surround this beloved holiday. Learn about the fascinating origins of your favorite Christmas food, drink, observances, and songs. Discover how Saint Nicolas, a fourth-century Catholic bishop, became Santa Clause and who Santa’s global competitors are (some of them will shock you). And dig into the forbidden history of the Yuletide season’s dark and ghoulish side. Witty, imaginative, and wholly unique, Why We Kiss Under the Mistletoe is the stocking stuffer that will be revisited every year. Purchase here.


A Special Offer of the John Senior Collection by the Clear Creek Monks

John Senior’s two books The Death of Christian Culture and The Restoration of Christian Culture along with Fr. Francis Bethel’s John Senior and the Restoration of Realism. Although we already have 2 of the 3 books, we might have to buy the set. Buying the books also supports Clear Creek Abbey (where TCMS Campout takes place every year!)


The SaintMaker

The Catholic Life Planner. Combining the science of positive psychology with ancient Catholic mystical tradition, The Saintmaker helps you create the life you dream of, become a happier and more fulfilled person, and deepen your faith with a practical daily path to sainthood.


Tan Classics 12 Book Set

If you are looking to build up your library with meaningful books, this is a great place to start. This set includes:

  • The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis
  • True Devotion to Mary by St. Louis de Montfort
  • The Story of a Soul by St. Therese of Lisieux
  • Dark Night of the Soul by St. John of the Cross
  • The Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena by St. Catherine of Siena
  • Abandonment to Divine Providence by Rev. Fr. Jean-Pierre de Caussade
  • The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius by St. Ignatius of Loyola
  • The Interior Castle by St. Teresa of Avila
  • An Introduction to the Devout Life by St. Francis de Sales
  • The Life of St. Francis of Asissi by St. Bonaventure
  • The Spiritual Combat and a Treatise on Peace of Soul by Dom Lorenzo Scupoli
  • The Foundations of Western Monasticism (which includes Saint Antony of the Desert by St. Athanasius, The Rule of Saint Benedict, and St. Bernard of Clairvaux’s The Twelve Degrees of Humility and Pride)


Living Beyond Sunday: Making Your Home a Holy Place by Adam and Haylee Minihan and David and Pamela Niles

Shameless plug…

Incorporate faith into your day-to-day family life. Our relationship with God is not supposed to stay within the walls of our parish when we leave Sunday Mass. Instead, faith should transform our hearts, our families, and our homes into a welcoming place to encounter Christ. But this isn’t always easy. Home life can be difficult and busy, and it’s easy to get distracted from the point of it all: raising a family of saints. In Living Beyond Sunday: Making Your Home a Holy Place, married couples Adam and Haylee Minihan and David and Pamela Niles share what has helped them make their homes a place of encounter with God–a place where saints are being made. This book goes beyond the aesthetic or surface-level attributes of a Catholic home. Beyond that, it shares how to foster holiness in all the little moments in Catholic family life.

Buy your copy here. 


The Dangerous Book for Boys

The bestselling book—more than 1.5 million copies sold—for every boy from eight to eighty, covering essential boyhood skills such as building tree houses, learning how to fish, finding true north. In this digital age, there is still a place for knots, skimming stones and stories of incredible courage. This book recaptures Sunday afternoons, stimulates curiosity, and makes for great father-son activities. The brothers Conn and Hal have put together a wonderful collection of all things that make being young or young at heart fun—building go-carts and electromagnets, identifying insects and spiders, and flying the world’s best paper airplanes. We talk about this book in this episode. Order a copy here.

Cooking with Beer in Colorado

Cooking with Beer in Colorado includes 75 beerlicious collaborative recipes from the best chefs and brewers of Fort Collins, the “Napa Valley of Beer,” and Front Range playground with more restaurants per capita than any other city in Colorado. This is much more than your typical cookbook. This book is about people and their own unique personalities. Experiment with these downright delectable recipes and read the stories along the way. The recipes are written in the chefs’ own words, and the brewer’s notes are prepared by the brewers themselves to show off their personal styles. So fill your growler and prep your palette, as you are about to partake in an exquisite cooking adventure. Order your copy here.




onX Hunt

A must-have for any hunter. onX’s single-state Premium Membership allows you to select your state and get access to Map Layers and Tools for one state. Access Public/Private Land Boundaries, GMUs, customizable Waypoints, Tracking, Line Distance, Area Shape Measurements, Wind and Weather, Offline Maps, and much more. Use promo code BF23 to save 30% on new onX Hunt Premium Memberships purchased at www.onxmaps.com before November 29, 2023.



This isn’t the same Exodus 90 you might have done in the past. This is a new way of life. With new features, reflections, and a year-round way to live by properly fasting and feasting, Exodus 90 will change your life. Join us!


Sword & Spade 

Sword & Spade can help you bridge the gap from endless banalities and scrolling to deep and worthwhile reading. With the Guild membership we take it a level deeper with classes & conversation on modern topics we face today in addition to the quarterly magazine. Get the magazine, here.


Is there a better way to say “I love you” than with a year subscription of steaks? 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, humanely raised pork, and wild-caught seafood.


The Thomist – A Speculative Quarterly Review

The Thomist is a peer-reviewed academic journal that appeals to a wide international readership in the university, the seminary, and the Church. In the tradition and spirit of Thomas Aquinas, it seeks to promote original and penetrating inquiry into the full range of contemporary philosophical and theological questions. It undertakes particularly to support sustained discussion of issues of philosophy and systematic theology, where such discussion can be advanced by creative use of the thought of Aquinas and significant authors in the Thomistic tradition. In this way The Thomist seeks to cultivate a fruitful dialogue between modern and contemporary philosophical systems and the classical tradition of philosophy and Christian theology. Subscription from CUA.


LifeCraft by Dr. John Cuddeback

Become a LifeCraft Member and gain access to exclusive free courses blending philosophical wisdom and practical action.

Membership is FREE of charge. By signing up, you join thousands of LifeCraft Members committed to discovering how to live a more fully human, happy life.


Nova et Vetera by the St. Paul Center

The English edition of Nova et Vetera is published quarterly and provides an international forum for theological and philosophical studies from a Thomistic perspective.

Founded in 1926 by future Cardinal Charles Journet in association with Jacques Maritain, Nova et Vetera is published in related, distinct French and English editions. The English edition of Nova et Vetera welcomes articles and book reviews in theology, philosophy, and biblical studies that address central contemporary debates and discussions. We seek to be “at the heart of the Church,” faithful to the Magisterium and the teachings of the Second Vatican Council, and devoted to the work of true dialogue, both ecumenically and across intellectual disciplines. Subscribe here. 


Liturgy of the Hours by Word on Fire

The Church’s official prayer, and the highest form of prayer after the Mass. It is an ancient, structured way of praying Scripture throughout the day, focusing especially on the Psalms. It hearkens back to the Jewish custom of praying at fixed hours, a practice continued by the early Church. $7/mo and they ship it to your doorstep. Find out more here.


Farmstead Meatsmith

If you are starting a homestead or just looking to learn more about processing your own meat, Brandon Sheard has been helping families for years take food from farm to table.


Backwoods Home Magazine

Practical ideas for self-reliant living. A fun magazine to give you good ideas on how to maximize food, gardens, harvestings, recipes, and much more. Find out more here.


The Catholic Man Show on Patreon

You can support our show and receive a lot of really cool thank-you gifts, access to over 60 audiobooks/interviews, a full course with Karlo Broussard on St. Thomas Aquinas’ 5 Ways, A fitness course with Pat Flynn, and access to our book club! Start supporting here!


Patron Suggestions 


Whetstone Knife Sharpener suggested by patron, Noah Anderson

“Whetstone Knife Sharpener. Work Sharp is a good brand for all things knife sharpening. Manual knife/tool sharpening is a phenomenal skill for any man to learn.”

AeroPress Coffee suggested by patron, Keegan Clark

“Perfect for making a quick cup of coffee out in the backcountry or at work.”


Snow Fox whiskey/cocktail glasses suggested by patron, Ryan Robinson 

Whether you prefer whiskey neat or over ice, this 11oz stainless-steel rocks glass will maintain the temperature and great taste.  Designed to look and feel like fine glassware, it is elegant, comfortable in the hand with plenty of room for XL ice cubes and is sweat free.

About the author, Adam

Adam is the Director of Communications for the Diocese of Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma, CEO of St. Michael Catholic Radio, Co-host of TCMS, Author from Ascension Press, Husband and Father of 5 children.

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