The One Chip Challenge and Piety

Adam and Dave discuss piety

Sam Guzman, from The Catholic Gentleman, joins us for the One Chip Challenge and to talk about the virtue of piety This episode on piety is sponsored by Covenant Eyes. Use promo code “catholicman” to get a 30-day free trial in protecting you and your family from the dangers of the internet. Do you benefit…

The Catholic Gentleman

Adam and Dave discuss the Catholic Gentleman

The Catholic Gentleman This episode is sponsored by The Liturgical Institute. Use this link with the code “catholicman20” to get 20% off! Like the shows where we have guests in studio? Join us on Patreon, so we can continue! 100% of the support we receive goes back into the show. About our drink: American Prairie™ Bourbon is…

Sam Guzman on the Domestic Church

This is the first of 3 interviews we will be releasing from the 2018 Tulsa Catechetical Conference. This interview is with The Catholic Gentleman, Sam Guzman. Our topic is on the Domestic Church. If you haven’t checked out Sam’s website, please make sure you do.

CoM: Lessons from a Prodigal Son – Sam Guzman

Council of Man – Extra Content Sam Guzman, friend and fellow CoM member, gave a talk in Tulsa, OK at Holy Family Cathedral on the topic of the Prodigal Son. We have the recording and wanted to share it with you. Hope you enjoy!

CoM Exclusive with Sam Guzman on The Latin Mass

Adam and Sam talk about the Latin Mass Here you go guys. I was able to meet up with Sam last night after he gave a talk at a Latin Mass parish here in Oklahoma. I was pretty exhausted so you will be able to catch, I couldn’t for the life of me remember the…